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Namaste, everyone and welcome to SGMP3—the best place for India’s movie industry! From their best movies to their greatest actors, we can give you all the latest updates in the wonderful and exciting world of Bollywood.

For us to give you excellent blogs and updates, we need to be guided by beliefs that will make us better. That’s why today, we’d love to share with you our mission, vision, and the core values that will guide us to give you excellent content. 


  • To help readers get updated with all the latest info about Bollywood through the use of our blogs.
  • Create daily content that’s all-encompassing related to the Indian film industry.
  • Pursue excellence as we write content related to Bollywood.
  • Create a culturally diverse team of writers that will make the most authentic and relevant content related to Indian movie culture.
  •  Create a culture of love and respect inside our team and our fanbase.


A model Bollywood blog of relevance, entertainment, and respect that will help thousands of Bollywood film fans enjoy their favourite series more. 

Core values

Our goals can never come true if we’re not driven by a set of core values. To help guide us in the straight and narrow, we’ve chosen the following core values to help us fulfil our goals.


To give our readers fun and excellent articles about Bollywood, the best and most hardworking writers have been hired. In addition to this, veteran editors and passionate Bollywood fans have been welcomed into the family to ensure the best quality content. 


Every day, there are always brand-new events happening in the world of Bollywood. From potential film announcements to the exciting events of actors, we will know them all. For you to know all about these topics, we’ve recruited dozens of writers to check them out and report on them. After all, we want you to trust us for all of your needs.


We made our content accessible to everyone who loves news and blogs about Bollywood. To do so, the best translators were recruited. The translation process lasts two days after the original article is posted, so check back frequently and read about all the latest news in your language.


Similar to Bollywood, we value diversity in our company to create beautiful and exciting content readers will love. Doing so will create something that is beautifully exciting and unique. That’s why no matter your background, as long as you can write, we’d love for you to be a part of SGMP3 Songs.


Everyone involved in SGMP3 Songs deserves to be respected. To ensure everyone’s well-being isn’t harmed, we hold people accountable for each other. From reporting bullying to ensuring our content isn’t offensive, we’re doing everything in our power to keep our website fun and safe for all.