7 fun facts about Bollywood musical dance numbers

7 fun facts about Bollywood musical dance numbers

Bollywood movies without a musical are not complete. Without their great colours and powerful choreography, they can’t uplift the world you’re watching. To make you appreciate these great numbers more, we’ll be sharing some fun facts! 

Here at SGMP3 Songs, we’d like you to know these fun facts for a more immersive Bollywood movie experience. 

Where it comes from

Bollywood films and their musical numbers were created in Bombay, India, (now modern-day Mumbai). Their directors and playwrights have since then created a powerful fill innovation that adds a new sense of dramatic flair unseen in other films.

Though they’re not the first ones to make use of singing and dancing in film, their innovation is using these musical numbers in almost every film, no matter the genre.

There are different styles to it

To the untrained eye, every dance number is the same. However, if you’re a dancing enthusiast, you’ll find that there are a lot of different styles used for these musical numbers. 

Below are some of these dances for you to try out:

  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kathak
  • Kathakali
  • Kuchipudi
  • Manipuri
  • Mohinattyam
  • Odissi
  • Sattriya

It dances with the entire body

Bollywood actors undergo huge amounts of training for dancing alone. Not just the movement of limbs, but also the facial features! This makes Bollywood musical dance numbers some of the most difficult, but also rewarding forms of dance. 

That’s why every time you see a new musical number in a film, your breath is taken away by the great physicality and synchronous choreography of the dancers seen on screen.

Inspired by praise and worship

Due to India’s religiousness, most of their art forms, especially dancing, are all about worship. This permeated in today’s entertainment even if the purpose of the praising is for someone’s beloved, instead of a god.

It spices up the movie

Similar to theatre plays and beloved Disney movies, musical numbers are added to spice up the movie. This is very true, because through singing and dancing, the entire body expresses emotions in a more meaningful and beautiful way. So for a more expressive and powerful movie experience, try out some Bollywood movies.

Costumes are an absolute must

Though the dance moves are already fully polished, the musical numbers will look bland without big, bold, colourful costumes. Through their vibrance, the movies become a true visual treat for movie goers. 

Bollywood dance moves are inspired by other dances

In addition to the traditional Indian dances, the musical numbers have also been inspired by international dance moves, the most prominent of them all is disco. That’s why despite them being truly Indian in nature, Bollywood dances still give this aura of familiarity to international viewers. 

Musical dance numbers are the real treasures of Bollywood films. Without them, these movies will look like their international counterparts. This shows that Indians are some of the most creative and innovative people in the world and we can learn so much from them. 

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