Deconstructing a Bollywood film

Deconstructing a Bollywood film

Known for their campy and heartfelt storylines, wonderfully colourful musical numbers, and talented actors, Bollywood films are great to binge-watch. Due to their unique nature, they’re prime for deconstruction to see what makes them so enjoyable.

Today at SGMP3 Songs, we’ll be doing just that for you to be able to enjoy your next Bollywood film a lot more.

Lengthy running time

Unlike Hollywood’s usual 1 and a half, or 2-hour films of running time, Bollywood films have a 3-hour one, instead. Giving viewers more value for their ticket as more exciting news and scenes are added, and of course, the much-beloved dance numbers.

Also, many Bollywood screenwriters believe that the additional hour makes the film more immersive and fun for those viewing it. For those who love an extended film experience, Bollywood movies will satisfy your needs!

They end on a happy note

In Hollywood, especially after the dark and gritty tone inspired by the Dark Knight Trilogy, many films have opted to be tragic from beginning to end. Fortunately, Bollywood films always end on a happy note, or at least, end on a hopeful one. If you’re tired of being depressed by your movie experience, try out the lively nature of a Bollywood movie. 

They’re filled with song and dance numbers

Watching a Bollywood movie without a song and dance number feels empty—like having cookies without milk. Why is that? According to many writers and directors, song and dance numbers are added to spice up the film and add an additional layer of emotional and creative depth to the film viewed. 

Once you think about it, they’re right. Everyone always loves a good song and dance number from either theatre or Disney movies, so why not give that experience every time? 

What’s amazing is, unlike Hollywood blockbuster movies, the song and dance numbers extend to even action movies, and not just the romantic ones. So even the most action-packed film will stop the action, and take a breather for some singing and dancing. 

Can you imagine that happening in the next Avengers movie? That would be hilariously weird and great. 

The plots can be by-the-numbers

This is highly looked down upon by many industries, but in Bollywood, it’s adored. Due to the familiarity of the plots, viewers can have a cathartic experience knowing that no matter what happens, even the most horrible of events will still end on a positive note. 

With so much tragedy happening in the world, it’s a nice change of pace seeing people succeed and live out the rest of their lives with a happy ending.

Bollywood films are packed with colour

In the Western world, greys, blacks, browns, and other muted colours are all the rage. To India, that’s boring! It makes the film look dry and it lacks the entertainment factor one should get by seeing a movie. 

Meanwhile, in Bollywood, you’ll experience wonderful scenes that are filled with colour, heart, and so much excitement!

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